Who We Are

The Flintstone Challenge 5K run/walk was established in 2012 by a group of Michigan State University- Flint campus medical students wanting to leave a tangible legacy for the Flint community.  Creator of the race, Luda Khait MD, "The city of Flint has provided us with an incredible clinical education and we feel especially connected to the people of Flint.  We would relish the opportunity to give back to the education of this city’s youth."

The Flintstone Challenge was envisioned as an annual non-profit event, run entirely by College of Human Medicine medical students with advisory support from MSU/FAME.  All registration money from the event will be housed in an MSU/FAME non-profit sub-account and donated to the Flint Community Schools Classroom Support Fund.  This money supports educational programs for children in Flint Community Schools.  The race begins every year as a challenge to the new committee as all proceeds from the following year are donated to the Flint Schools Classroom Support Fund...every penny!

The Flint Community Schools Classroom Support Fund is the source of funding for Flint’s Great Idea Grants.  Great Idea Grants are awarded to Flint Community School employees who develop and propose innovative, interdisciplinary programs or curricula.   The aim of the Great Idea Grant is to find novel ways to engage Flint’s youth inside and outside of the classroom.

Read our interview with Northwestern High School Health and Wellness Fair organizers, recipients of one of the largest Great Idea Grants of 2015!

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Why the Flint Community?

It is a unique and committed group of students who choose the Flint campus for their clinical training.  We are community organizers as well as medical students, we are diverse and we are multi-dimensional, and we value pushing the boundaries of our capabilities and our comfort zones.  We believe in social justice and equity, and we know that the good health of a community cannot come from medical care alone.  We believe in investing in our community, and we believe that the real foundation of this city is its youth.  As students ourselves, we value the power of education and we believe that nurturing the education of Flint’s children will build the future leaders of this community.   We believe that the creativity, education and motivation of Flint’s children will bring Flint back to the vibrant, successful city of Michigan’s past.


Are you ready for the challenge?

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